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From a member of the Consorzio Costa Smeralda we receive this message:

What’s wrong with Porto Cervo Marina? Porto Cervo Marina 1

The question is the talk of the village these days with members of the Yacht Club and the Consorzio adding their disappointment to those of shopkeepers and sailors, as they see the spiraling decline of what once was “a must see”. 

After the closing of the restaurant and with many shops out of business, the “piazzetta” is anything but lively and the market is often closed when instead it should be open for business. Gardens in disarray and even the office of the Marina usually fails to answer phone calls.

This year, with the tourist season reaching its all-time high, there are still mooring places available.Porto Cervo Marina 2

Clearly the unrealistic rental charges have contributed to the desertification, with even the tobacco and newspaper shop forced to give up and it is likely that the profits of the Porto Cervo Marina Co. are far from being rewarding.

What’s wrong? Is there a plan to stern the Marina toward bankruptcy and see it sold to some friends for a dime?

I would really like my Italian friends answer this question. Thank you., posizionamento sui motori

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